A downloadable project for macOS

This virtual environment is intended to serve as a representation of how my holiday home predominantly exists in my memory. This refers to the fact it is solely a product of my memory and little to no actual reference material of the real location was used in the production of the environment, from the mapping to the placement of assets. From this process it now exists as a distilled version of all of the experiences and memories I have gathered over the course of 7 years visiting the location.

Initially I was very focused on the idea of showing the changes to the property over time, however I found myself being drawn into the idea of capturing how I perceive the location when I try to picture it in my mind. As a result I moved away from the more realistic and interactive components and instead invested heavily into the layout and composure of the environment’s nature, pathways and atmosphere.

Fog Among Ferns aims to communicate the environment of a cold, damp and alive forest property. It seeks to provide the freedom to move about and immerse a player in an atmosphere that makes them want to wrap themselves in a blanket and sit by a fire. The encapsulating sound of soft rainfall, wind and birds surround the player to further bring them into this pocket of my imagination.

The end result is an abstract yet familiar interpretation of a place that is very dear to me.


Fog Among Ferns.app.zip 25 MB